“What India Wants”


Some run after opportunities while some create opportunity,

    So, instead of being a runner one should be a creator

India is not only a country but more than this, a country which witnessed many ups & downs & maintain its prestige after each & every downfall. Let’s have a glance at the journey of Mughal attacked India & looted & dominated for long time, then the English came & they suppressed & oppressed the country. Both Muslim Rulers & The English Rulers try to crush this country but this is well said “Truth never dies, whatever maybe it shines again & again”, it happened India got free from The English claws & it was the day when the soil of India took sigh of relief, after independence in 15 August 1947 India was celebrating its triumph but it lasted for some days as riots engulfed its happiness & a heartbreaking massacre took place when India was bifurcated in two pieces, another pieces which was named “Pakistan”, Pakistan was born in 1948 & by now this country is undeveloped because that country never wants to grow but destroy India & which is its night dream & incomplete also.  Ok, let it go.

I come to the main point & talk about present status & requirement for developments & drawbacks & measures to overcome & the aspirations of young India.

What does India want??

  • Prime Minister – Narendra Damodardas Modi (14th Prime Minister)
  • Born on 17 September 1950.
  • Sworn in as prime minister on 24 May 2014.
  • Largest Democracy in the world.
  • Population – 1,340,837,360
  • Major Problems – Unemployment, Poverty, Corruption, Red Tapism.

I remember the election time when India was looking for an energetic & determined prime minister, who could fulfill their dreams & uplift their miserable life conditions, no one was there but only one name that was “Narendra Modi” (Namo), hopes gone high because people were very distressed with that time government due to corruption, poverty, dearness, unemployment & riots. First time BJP led government got huge votes & won election one sided. BJP won for two reasons, one due to incapability of previous government & second was the image of Mr. Narendra Modi. Modi was icon for youth & youth had very expectations from him, India was looking at him hopefully.

On 24 May 2017, Modi government completed its 3 ruling years, Narendra Modi tried his best as a prime minister & brought many changes & dared to take some awful steps which shocked all of us & that proves his decision capacity but here are more burning issues which are still as these were.

  1. Education: –

“Education is the best weapon to remove darkness & illuminate the life of people”. If you see any developed country you will find how education transformed that country, I just want to say that “Education is the transformer”. In India education is the weakest point & there is a lot to be worked on this point. Almost all universities are just distributing degrees, it seems as if any literacy campaign is going on. Government is just focusing on creating mindless educated & degree holders, there is very lack of good standard, there is not any difference between literate & illiterate person, both are same, I mean both are worthless. This literacy campaign is raising unemployment & fanning the problems of literacy. Government should focus on the quality of education & create such talented & passionate people who could help country to be developed, without proper education, India can’t see its future as a developed nation.

  1. Unemployment: –

“One disease leads another decease”, yes it’s quite right & it’s happening in India, “shoddy education system is creating only foul literate people & it is creating another major problem which is called unemployment. No system for employment, students got degrees but never get a such a single job which could be means to earn livelihood. I have been observing this since my childhood that all government cry loudly on this topic before election & forget afterwards. No government ever dared to deal with nuisance problem which forcing youths to take wrong steps & results are before us “Extremists are harming both people & properties”, who is responsible?? No one, only all ruling governments are culprits equally. I am very frustrating over this issue & warn government to take some good steps otherwise youths will be desperate & we know the result of desperate.

  1. Poverty: –

“This is the paining matter of India” even today 250 Million people are living below poverty line, children are forced to beg & child labor is increasing rapidly. Many NGO volunteers are working to reduce child labor ratio but it’s not enough. Poor people are illiterate & addicted in bad habits due to not having any means to earn two times bread. Who is responsible?? No doubt, all government who took their votes but not did even single work for their welfare. I ask how long will it last?

  1. Corruption: –

Now this is word for daily use, get up early morning, hold paper in one hand & sip tea with reading about corruption, corruption word is such common that people can’t help reciting it twice or thrice in a day. Sometime I feel laughing that who is corrupted & who is giving air to this corruption, who? I or you, who work all day like donkey to earn livelihood & have no time to think about ourselves, no we are not those people. The people who are sitting above us have time for all these activities because they have no work to do, funny. India’s every two among four bureaucrat & authoritarian are corrupted, yes bitter but true.

  1. Red Tapism: –

If you are honest & naive & you want to get your work done by government officials, how will you do? Think, yes you have to grease their palm first, without bribery you can’t think about completion your requirement until you fulfil their requirement. In India judiciary is in its worst condition, a poor person never gets justice so this is condition that he never dares to go to court because he knows what will be? A poor rape victim suffers a lot & face much discrimination at both level, first at judicial level & second at social level that’s why a rape victim either commits suicide or her parents kill her, my hearts bleed over these issues & government just paying lip service.


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