“Dare to Accept”

Always think that you are not perfect so mistakes happen,

  Endeavour to minimise your mistakes & be perfectionist”.

At present time, all of us try to show ourselves as a Mr. perfect, nobody wants to accept their mistakes & he blames others for his own mistakes. If you had listened to anybody singing his admiration song “I did this or that, I fought very bravely & beat all, I was very brilliant at my school days, girls were crazy about me & everybody was afraid of me”. These are some common sentences which almost everyone uses for himself. Next most usable sentence when one get failed or did something wrong then most people say “how silly you are! If I were you, I would have done it perfectly” they speak because they are not that person who failed.

“This is good that one has respect for oneself, it means he has a good feeling for himself & doesn’t want others to distort his image because his image is his character & confidence”, it’s really very important that we should be fair & square towards ourselves, no problem & carry it but it’s worse that we get blind at our own faults & try to escape problems made by us. It shows that we are very weak & timid that we can’t accept our own mistakes. We do this because we don’t want to look silly or fool, ok. Suppose that you made a very serious mistake & you successfully transferred it to other & you rescued yourself, so what, people will not think you as stupid & you remain wise as you were ever but whenever you think about that you will feel ashamed of you, you will remain very edgy & shaky because you know you did that wrong & your image will begin to destroy in your own sight.” this is the act to demoralise & disappoint ourselves”.

I have remembered one story which is wide true & most acceptable that one can be good in the eyes of the world but he never be good in the eyes of himself & god. Please read this story & know that how your non-acceptable attitude leads you towards hell & never ending repentance.

There was a merchant who was very kind & honest, he was popular among people for his amicable & sociable attitude, he never took people into deception & provided them goods & meals at fair rates & of good quality, people trusted him much more. One time he purchased food grains in large amount & stocked & thought to provide people & earn good money but to heavy rain all food grains went spoiled & his all money also wasted & he was in huge danger so he decided to sell this spoiled grain to people at same prices as he purchased so that he could make up his losses. He did it in avarice of money & people also purchased because they trusted him consequently there was food poising in the city & many people died, when people come to ask him about spoiled food grains then he blamed trader whom he purchased so people charged at him and vented their anger on him & killed him. Merchant was safe & soon he left that city but he knew that he was guilty & due to it he never remain happy because all time he thought about died people & merchant, he thought to accept his mistake but he could not dare because he did not want to destroy his image & status but he died soon because he could not sleep easily & left meal so he got much weak & feeble, when he died he encountered to god “God asked him:- where would you like to go, I mean to heaven or hell, please tell me. He thought something & remembering his doings he told “Heaven” while he had that incident in his heart but he tried to escape. God smiled at his answer & told “when you were alive you didn’t dare to tell truth & due to your lie you died & here also you didn’t dare to tell truth that’s why you will suffer a lot if you have told me truth what you did in your past, I would spare you but you went against truth & acceptable rules so I will punish you severely”.


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