“A Real Story of Passion”

 “Some people adopt passion while some are born passionate

 But without passion, no one can be successful in any profession”

This is not a story but a journey of a villager boy,

  • A boy who was the biggest failure,
  • A boy who was from very backward area,
  • A boy who was not sure about his future,
  • A boy who was in dilemma for choices,
  • A boy who was rejected for small jobs,
  • A boy who was mocked for his passion.

But he was called “passionate”, this word was given him due to his passion, his indomitable courage and his persistent.

Let’s recall that story which seems “impossible” initially and turned into “possible”

: – There was a boy in a small village, his father was a farmer, his family was middle class, there was not much scope of education in his village, boy was good at study, nobody was much interested in study, that boy studied in govt. schools and secured good marks, everybody was surprised by his performance, people began to understand the value of education, this was the beginning of changes…………

That boy was good at study but he was in dilemma taking his future due to lack of guidance, boy had a great & funny dream about English…………….

English had been a phobia among Indian villager boys………. boy determined that he would remove this phobia on his strength, his communication was very weak and pronunciation was worst.

He began his career with “a creative course” but left because his family didn’t let him go with that but this course helped him to realize his creativity and learn lesson about life.

His teacher made him understand about passion and real success…………

He said…. four things are main element of success…………

Name, fame, money & satisfaction” …… don’t run after money but run after name, when you can earn name, you can draw money through many ways.

This words moved his heart & he determined to recognize his hidden talent.

He successfully recognized his talent of writing but strange thing happened,

He chose English as his writing, it was like an obsession because his English was not good, he determined to improve English without any external help, he joined a school as an English teacher and run his own coaching classes and learned English spontaneously, he learned English but he struggled a lot for money and finally he closed his coaching and left school because of his financial condition……………

He began to write English poems and he got these published in many newspapers…….

He struggled a lot for a job but unfortunately rejected many times, he couldn’t get even a single job in BPO due to his poor communication.

He prepared for govt jobs and cracked many exams but he wanted to do different so he didn’t join any govt job, his father and many people declared him a frenzied person who was deteriorating his own career but boy didn’t pay attention………….

His classmates mocked at him and his speaking skills but he ignored,

Many people left him and he left many people because he was aggressive in his attitude and didn’t compromise…………………….

He completed his first book but many publications rejected his book of poems…

He didn’t accept defeat and made many attempts and finally a publication gave him chance and his book came with excellence and he received many compliments……………

He was called a “young passionate writer” ………….

Today he is symbol of “Passion”, he created a quote and dedicated to youths of his times,

Recognize your power and prove your worth,

Create difference & be a differentiator” …………


Never get disappointed if something goes wrong,

Just have patience and wait to be happened good” …….


Today he is motivational writer & a furious speaker, now he is working on passion and teaching youths to chase their dreams and create something different.

Friends he is none other than me, yes, this story is about me.


Don’t have dreams to be something,

                                                           Have dreams to do something”


                                                                                Young Blogger: – Nand Kishor Lodhi




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