No More Hard work

There was a boy in a town whose name was Mohan, he was good enough but less educated so he was unable to find a good job for himself. He was very disappointed and nervous also but he kept on searching job and fortunately he got a job of woodcutter, he was much happy and excited also.

First day he determined to perform excellent, thinking this he went on job. His master ordered him to cut the wood, he was much eager and committed to start with great attention and he did his job impressively and first day he succeeded to cut 18 trees, he got a pat on his back for his brilliant work.

Next day he tried to continue his last performance in great way, he worked more than yesterday but he didn’t succeed and just cut 15 trees, he was sad but his master encouraged him.

Once again, he was ready for new day and this time he thought to produce good results and he set to his work and worked whole heartedly but again he failed and cut just 10 trees and he was broken badly.

He was really very grieved and his nervousness was full on wings, he came to his master and asked him “I worked whole day and harder than first day but why I am not able to succeed to perform better than first day?

His master soothed him and asked him “I know my dear you are working harder but tell me one thing”

“What my lord” boy curiously asked.

How many times did you sharp your axe in a day?  Master questioned.

“No, my lord, I didn’t sharp my axe because I didn’t have time for that”.

Master smiled at his answer & spoke “dear if you want to achieve more then you must focus on your working skills, your work can’t be successful until you try to fair your skills”.

Moral: – “Hardworking may make you successful but your working style can make you great” ……….


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